About Us

About Us


Rebel Four Life believes that a lot of people are misinformed about the Confederate flag. Some people think that owning the flag makes one racist. That is far from the truth. The flag represents Southern pride and nothing more. At a recent CNN poll, they found out that more than 50 percent of people find the flag to be a representation of Southern pride. But because of the coverage by liberal news outlets, people who own the rebel flag are being crucified for it. There have been reports of flag owners being shot and called racists.


Contrary to popular belief, owning a Pro Confederate Flag doesn’t make one racist. Being racist is hates towards others. Owning the flag simply means that one is proud of one’s roots. We proudly display the flag because we want people to know about our heritage. It is just like a banner stating, “I came from the South, and I’m proud of it.” People should not read it as being racist at all.


People should consider that there is not much of a difference between the North and the South today. We are all part of the United States after all. So how can the Confederate flag are considered as a symbol for racism? If you ask people like us who came from the South, we’ll tell you that the flag represents our Southern pride. It is about our identity. People should stop reading too far into it. It is just a flag and nothing more.


Since the Civil War, the Rebel Flag has been the representation of Southern pride. It is not a racist symbol. The Black community would complain that it reminds them about slavery, and yet none of them have been a slave. At this time and age, people become too whiny and complain about small stuff on social media. Then media picks it up, and they sensationalize it. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people hate on the flag today.


People should consider what happened after the shooting in Charleston. People converged together to walk hand in hand to mourn those who were killed during the incident. It doesn’t matter whether they are black or white; members of the community mourned the victims of the tragic event. News outlets can’t find anything to blame, they often blame it on guns, but that was not part of their agenda. Instead they blamed it on the Confederate flag. If the shooter had a LGBT flag, would people blame the community as well? I don’t think so. Media needed an angle to make the news more dramatic, and that’s why they placed the blamed on the Pro Confederate flag. Rebel for life.


Arvada Colorado